About Safe Dancing

What does it mean to have a safe dance space?

After many hours of facilitating dance I have come to understand the importance of having a safe dance space.  This feeling of safety will allow someone to fully express themselves in ways that are magical.  I have observed this on so many occasions.  However, when someone doesn't feel safe they will rarely express themselves at all.  That reservation is limiting the power dance can have in their life.

I want to promote events that value the sanctity of a safe space.  This means that all events I promote will be free of alcohol and will not gain a reputation for being an unsafe space.  I am excited to see the growth and evolution throughout this process.  It is my ultimate goal to have safe spaces for everyone to dance on any day of the week.  Dance can change the world.


Sedona Dance Events


Safe Dance Events Sedona

Times Subject to Change

Free Ecstatic Dance on the Rocks


Tuesdays NOON @ Yavapai Point, #Sedona, Till the Sun Hides Behind the Mountains...

Free #Ecstatic #Dance on the Rocks has returned to the rocks.

We will be #dancing a little ways up the trail from the Yavapai Point parking lot. Several trails and paths lead to the same location. There is a large open space to dance into the evenings this Fall.

Tuesday's 4:30 Till Sunset