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A Story That Must Be Shared

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A Tragic Sedona Story about love, life, lessons, loss, and ultimately healing.  A 20 year member of the Community would meet an adversary like no other.  Only to be joined by someone on the wildest adventure of either of their lives.


A True Sedona Synchronicity

A story unlike any other...

New Chapters Released Every Week for Six Months.  I encourage everyone to share the chapters I post on the Website and across social media. 

Until I finish releasing all chapters I would appreciate that the whole book not be shared.  You are welcome to purchase the full book to support my efforts. 

A portion of proceeds will go to support local dance in the community.


Dancing Beyond Cancer - USB - E-Book

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Sharing is Caring

It's a different way to do things

I want to encourage everyone to share the content I offer for free on my website. 

Chapters that have been released online are welcome to be shared.  I ask that the material remain unedited or changed from the original material without permission from the author.  The book will be available in its entirety from my site for purchase, and I appreciate any support that people are inclined to show.  A portion of donations and profits will be directed to support local “safe” dance.

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